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   Michael Easton joined the cast of Port Charles as Michael/Caleb Morley.  A blood-thirsty vampire who blows into town and holds everyone in his grip.  Caleb turns some residents of Port Charles into vampires but what he wants the most is to win the heart of Livvie Locke and marry her.  Caleb does manage to make Livvie fall in love with him but in the end she is the one that destroys and kills him. 
   Caleb then enters back into Port Charles as Stephen Clay, famous musician, but everyone knows that he is really Caleb back from the dead.  Now he has some kind of water in a blue bottle that he always drinks so he doesn't have to feed on anyone.  Caleb has come back again for Livvie because he still loves and wants her.
   Caleb pulled all of the goodness from Livvie's body and made Tess.  Tess took over and somehow got Livvie in her body because she didn't want Caleb to hurt Livvie.  Caleb tried everything to get Livvie out but failed.  Tess brought out the good in him and he started to fall for her.  He couldn't bite her because she was too pure and good. 
   In the end he admitted he made a mistake and wanted Tess and Livvie to be whole again.  All he had to do was love ALL of Livvie, the good and the bad.  When he did that then Tess went back inside of Livvie and became whole again and came back to Caleb.